About us

It’s summer 1990 and  i just passed my drivers examine.  Ready to buy my first car, my dad tells me about a beetle for sale at a local garage. After my first ride i totally fall in love with this car and buy it for only GBP 800.-  To be more accurate, it’s a 1974 beetle with that famous rusty, to much noise making, jet-pipe  that makes you every neighbours favourite.

After 3 years and lots of welding it’s time for another car.I buy a 1966 beetle which i restore with all my “ technical skills??”. I soon buy every part i can find and buy to much projects.

A neighbour farmer loves what i am doing and offers me his barn to use as a workshop. I have had a couple of beetles so it’s time for something different.  My friend tells me about a 1966 panel  he knows for sale in Austria. I organize some transportation and my brother Martijn joins me for the necessary entertainment during this long drive. After my first ride in this splitty there is no way back anymore, the vw virus has got me !!
As years go by i finish my education and start working as a mechanical engineer for a Dutch company, but I don’t really like my job and actually only love to work on classic Volkswagens, but spare time is few.

I get the chance to change jobs and work for the biggest partsupplier for classic volkswagens in Holland, making my profession out of my hobby,  this doesn’t sound to bad. After 3 years working at the salesoffice i decide that’s time to move forward and start my own business, “thecoolvw is born”
Thecoolvw is specialized in buying and selling classic volkswagen buses built between 1950 – 1990, our buses are sold worldwide.  We can do all necessary work to keep your aircooled bus on the road for daily use or built you a show and shine trophy winner.

I am sure you will enjoy our website , your remarks and suggestions are of great value for us so please don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail or to give us a call

Kind regards and keep it air-cooled,
Albert & Petra